Atlanta Metro Permit
Technicians Association

Atlanta Metro Permit Technicians Association

  Who We Are:   Just a brief note about why we decided to form AMPTA     

     In May of 2007 Overland Park, Kansas held the first ever Permit-Technicians Institute.  For 3-days Customer Service Specialist and Permit Processors came from all over the United States.  It was very interesting for us as we learned a lot about what worked well (or did not work) for people in other areas. Discussions were held on office procedures, what type of permits were issued, etc.  This opportunity opened our eyes to the importance of our jobs and how we can make our work area more efficient and share ideas with others in order to make the system work for everybody.

     At that time there was not an association in the South East to help network and share ideas.  Being motivated by what we had learned, we sent out surveys to nearby jurisdictions and found that we were not the only ones interested in getting together.  Thus was the humble beginnings of AMPTA! 

     If you are not presently involved in some capacity with a Chapter or on a committee, I highly encourage you to consider the rewards of networking - friendship, dynamic teamwork improving skills, training, earning certifications and a sense of achievement that  will benefit others and you by your being a part of an organization such as this.